My Ripple Blanket

My Ripple Blanket

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Life's Curves and Crochet

Hello there!  It's been almost eight months since my last blog post.  Life has a funny way of throwing us a curve every now and then but you know what?  Those curves do not mean that a person has to lose sight of who they are nor does it mean we have to set aside what makes us creative and happy. 

Gone for now are the days when I could crochet several projects in one month.  It has taken me almost eight months to create the four pictured in this post.  But I have not let life's changes keep me from my hooks and yarn.  I find comfort in crochet and being creative and I can truly say that my "hobby" has been a much needed form of self therapy for me in these last few months.  Crocheting has certainly helped sooth my soul and mind.  I am grateful to have a creative skill that allows me to get "lost" for awhile. 

Crocheted Scarlet Merino Wool and Silk blend Cowl                Merino Wool  and Silk  blend Cowl  in Guava

Crocheted Granny Square Pink, Purple and White Baby Blanket                Crocheted Green, Blue and White Varigated Shells Baby Blanket

My hopes are to find a new balance in my life that will allow me to create and blog a bit more frequently in the coming year.  I can't promise that, but I'm going to give it my best shot.  Crocheting has been a big part of who I am for almost 40 years now.  I refuse to let go of that side of me. 

Should you have time, take a peek at my Etsy shop.  If you need some inspiration to get in a creative mood you might just find something to kick start the creative side of you that's been waiting to pop out.  Why not make a New Year's resolution to create more and worry about life's curves a little less?

Have a beautiful week!

Teresa - The Crochet Caretaker

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Granny Square Doll Blanket

Hi there!  It's been a few weeks since my last blog post.  Sorry about that.  Life has had some challenges this month but that hasn't stopped my hook from working its magic. 
My latest creation is a granny square doll size blanket.  Just a traditional granny square with four rounds.  I joined the squares with the join as you go method that is featured on Attic24's blog.
If you have never taken a look at Lucy's blog it is a MUST for anyone who crochets or who just loves COLOR. 
The yarn used for this gorgeous multicolored granny square blanket is Weekend by Berroco.  It's a cotton/acrylic blend that is offered in fabulous colors. 
The granny square need not look matronly.  When you pick fresh updated colors the traditional granny square can look oh so modern. 
Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate your taking a peek.  You can find more of my creations in my Etsy shop at
Until next time!
Teresa ~ The Crochet Caretaker

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Little Bunting

Hello!  I've been busy catching up on life around here and have not found much time to get my crocheting in these last few weeks.  I did sit down this week and work up a tiny granny bunting that fits perfectly over an 8 x 10 picture frame (the 10 inch side).  It was a customer request from my Etsy shop.  The photos were taken quickly and are not too flattering especially on the wood grain of the kitchen table, but even on an unflattering surface this bunting is the cutest thing! 

Have you been catching up on life this spring?   Have you had to set aside your creativity to tackle some not so creative issues or projects?  Try to steal a few moments of time to indulge in your passion.  It doesn't matter if its crochet, knitting, reading, painting,  whatever gets your mind off of life's little bumps in the road.  A little me time can go a long way for your sanity.  I'm proof of that these last few weeks.

Take it easy this week!

Teresa ~ The Crochet Caretaker

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Seascape Blanket

Just a quick post this week to show you what I started and finished on my spring break this week.  I couldn't get to the seas or anywhere warm for that matter, so I brought the sea to me. 


The yarn is Billow from KnitPicks.   A 100% cotton bulky fiber that is so soft and fluffy. The yarn was a sampler pack of preselected colors that the company was offering a couple of months ago.  I think the colors are gorgeous together and look just like the ocean or the sea.   I used the shells pattern I posted last week  What a fun pattern to work with. 

I hope your spring break allowed you some me time and a chance to get creative.  I know I appreciated the down time.

Have a super week!

Teresa ~ The Crochet Caretaker

Please visit my Etsy shop to find this blanket and many other items that may inspire you to get in a creative mood!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Lilac and Sky Blue Rainbow

Spring is starting to get fired up here in Michigan.  Temperatures have been in the 40's and 50's recently and for some of you that is probably still way too cold, but for those of us here in Western Michigan it's like a heat wave!  My hyacinths have started to pop through the frozen ground and it made me think of pretty pastel colors.  While digging through my stash of yarn I came across some Encore acrylic and wool blend in the pretties shades of lilac and sky blue and off I started on another baby blanket.  I can's keep away from blankets for too long.  They seem to be my crochet passion.

I found this lacy shells pattern on Ravelry at this blog
It's a very simple pattern and is yet again one of those mindless repetitions that moves along very quickly.  The yarn is self striping which creates a beautiful rainbow effect when worked up.  Gorgeous!

Are you starting to see spring show it's true colors in your area?  Are the pastels of spring starting to pop?  If not why not bring a little spring to your crafts with some lighter colors.  Create your own rainbow!

Have a fantastic week! 

Teresa ~ The Crochet Caretaker

You can find this beautiful baby blanket in my Etsy Shop at

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Change Of Pace

Hand Crocheted Burgundy Wine Colored 25 Inch Doily/Table Topper

Hi there!  The last couple of weeks I have had a change of pace in my crocheting.  All winter I seem to have been crocheting blanket after blanket.  They are my favorite thing to make.  Especially patterns that are mindless once I get going. 

But I decided I needed to stretch my mind a little and took on a doily pattern that required a little more thought. 

The project started out as just a typical doily, about 12-15 inches and ended up turning into a a 25 inch doily or table topper.  It's very lacy and if I do say so myself, gorgeous! 

The pattern is from a February 1992 issue of Crochet Patterns by Herrschners (I don't think it's a publication in print any longer).  There must have been something about this magazine that I liked when I was 24 years old to make me buy it back then.  I haven't crocheted any of the patterns from this magazine that I can of.  I guess I figured after hanging on to it for this long I better use it or pitch it.  I am very happy I tried my hand at this doily pattern.  I will be crocheting a few more of these beauties!

Do you have patterns that you have been hanging on to for ages and haven't done anything with?  Why not take time to go through some of your old craft magazines and see what strikes your fancy after all these years.  What was not so appealing to you 20 years ago just might be the thing that gets your creative juices flowing again.

You can find this beautiful doily in my Etsy shop

Have a wonderful week!  And be sure to find time to do something creative!

Teresa ~ The Crochet Caretaker

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Neapolitan Ripple

This week I am still hooked, literally on the ripple pattern.  This time a baby blanket in white with shades of gray and pink.  It reminds me of neapolitan ice cream, except with gray instead of brown. I used a size G hook and Patons Baby Beehive Acrylic yarn.  The yarn is beyond soft and holds its shape very nicely.  It was a great piece to work on with the weather still not cooperating here in Michigan. It kept me warm at the same time I crocheted it, a simple pleasure of the craft.